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At  HESI  Plantenvoeding, passion and...
At HESI Plantenvoeding, passion and professionalism are combined for fertilizers. Hesi, the name of a magic recipe for plants, has proved in a short period of time that it optimally satisfies the plants' as well as the plant lover's needs. In the meantime Hesi has grown into a blossoming international company and is still expanding.

As from the start high quality has been the main characteristic of Hesi's fertilizer and supplements. Valuable additives such as amino acids, enzymes and plant sugar turn every product into a "source of health" for your plants. The Hesi fertilizers work interactively by e.g. correcting automatically the pH-value in the soil and setting it to a light basic value.

By using complex bound materials (chelates) an optimal availability of all nutrients is guaranteed. In short: maximum results through simple use.

The complete Hesi product line resulted from a plant hobby, and the demand for fertilizers and the special supplements has been overwhelming since the beginning. Through intensive research into the secrets of plant metabolism Hesi succeeded in developing an optimally balanced vitamin mix for each phase of the plant cycle. These vital materials enhance the energy and have a stimulating effect on the plants. This way the growth and the blossoming of the plants are activated and caring for the garden is a joy. The Hesi products are produced, filled, checked and shipped by means of the latest technology in the Hesi factory. Each charge is checked for qualitative irregularities before filling, the charge numbers guarantee "first-in-first-out". The easy to recognise colour product codes, the bottles and the content offer the client additional safety, so that mix-ups are practically impossible. The free Hesi brochures and information sheets provide solid knowledge and practical information. The ecological articles written by engineer Siglinde reflect attention to detail and biology. These articles can be found on a regular basis in the leading specialist literature or simply on this website.
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