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Hemp seeds and cannabis seeds have always been a popular souvenir from various holiday destinations . Meanwhile one can fill entire books with the different varieties and their pictures, skills and attributes .

Also in this area we are always striving to go with the times and our customers to be able to offer a large , but manageable & qualitative range of cannabis genetics.

We are particularly proud to be able to mention the fact that we , including our cannabis seeds we have in stock - ALWAYS - have in stock! With us you can simply purchase - no waiting time, no loss of quality!

After all, we also pay special attention to a professional & proper storage in dark refrigerators with temperature monitoring ! In the last few years has really done a great deal in the areas of seed and hemp genetics.

It is no exaggeration when we say that almost every day somewhere out germinates a new variety! But even well-tried hemp seeds are therefore far out!

The bearings of the cannabis seeds at Hanf & Hanf

Our Cannabis seeds are stored in the fridge strictly controlled temperature! At least 3 times daily we check the temperature and other abnormalities! Seeds from which we are no longer convinced will be discarded and not sent! Neither as Free Seeds and certainly not as a paid commodity!

My seeds are not germinating - what now?

Cannabis seeds are unfortunately live goods , where we have no way to check if the are good whether if they have also a high quality. Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that when seeds have very bad germination rates occur (- EXCEPTIONS) - in such cases we have also always have a solution ! Just send a picture of the package or the broken Seeds to us! We will definitely find a goodwill solution - BUT , we can not just send replacement! Please keep in mind - We keep the right to decline the sending if we think, there is something wrong!

Important information: Our product descriptions, especially by the hemp seeds, are manufacturer's data!

These data don't mirrored our opinion. We assume no liability for the descriptions!

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